Quality. Low price. Flex conditions.

We are glad to present you a wide list of filaments for your ideas (ABS, PLA, HIPS, Watson, BFBronze, BFWood, BFSteel) with low price!

Quality guaranteed

Our company supplies filaments for 3 years. Due to lean business processes and quality control at all stages from manufacture to consumer we are glad to offer high quality filaments for a good price.

Unique for resellers

Always we glad to find the best business terms and conditions for our resellers. Why? Because we know that reseller is our representative for client and we do love our clients!

«IDC's 3D printing research indicates that the 3D printer market is primed and ready for greater mainstream adoption. There is strong appeal for this technology across several markets, and regions»

Keith Kmetz, Program Vice President of IDC's Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions research.

Prints with our materials:



  • Diametr

    Fluctuation not exceed 0,03 mm.

  • Without smell

    Doesn't smell during print

  • Colors

    Lot's of colors and materails

«Print plastic BESTFILAMENT PLA 2.85mm. Flight normal. Rod smooth, no stocks. The quality of any claims to the domestic producers as opposed to ultimashin-ovsky, which is why it gave the smell is not very pleasant and not so well behaved when printed as domestic. I should note that the excellent quality from BESTFILAMENT also a very attractive price! And pink color - that is necessary.»

Iliya Stolyarov, Nizhniy Novgorod

About company

We offer a wide range of high quality filaments which earn a great reputation on dynamic market of 3D-printing. Bestfilament provide 20 colors and 2 different diameters (1.75 and 2.85 mm) on the spools of 0.5, 1 and 2.5 kilos. Business process improvement and understanding user needs let us ramp up production and make a guarantee of high quality of filaments.

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Watson of Bestfilament!
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