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Greetings, friends!

You found yourself on our portal, because we are connected by a common passion - a passion for 3d printing.

21st century is surely the age of technological progress. Humanity step by step explores the most remote corners of space, develops genome editing, creates an artificial intelligence ready to compete with the human brain. Nowadays 3d printing technology becomes more and more familiar and available. 3d printing simplifies our everyday work and life and makes it more exciting.

Each your new project makes it obvious that there are no limits to human imagination and talent. Now not to be unfounded, we offer a selection of photos of your latest creations.

Our colleague from Tomsk Ivan Volobuev creates cool accessories for cosplay.

Ivan’s latest passion is the 3D printing of musical instruments.

Many of us are fans of George Lucas’ cult movie "Star Wars" and, of course, would like to have a chance to see the world of the Jedi.Sergei Karpukhin with an enviable determination and consistency prints various helmets from Star wars.
Interesting... Is Sergei making his own army of clone troopers?

Computer games’ characters are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for 3d printing. Alexander from Veliky Novgorod prints masks of game characters - Marvel’s Crossbones, Darth Revan from Star Wars, Deadpool, Dragon Priest Masks from Skyrim and many many others!

Another area of application of 3d printing is the creation of scale models. The advantage of 3d printing is that with minimal material costs you can get the impressive result.

Ildar Tazeev

3D printing in Saint Petersburg| 3D modelling Saint Petersburg| 3D printing in Orsk; Ildar Tazeev

Eugene Kim’s 3d printing studio

Andrey Gromov

Stargazing is quite interesting, but also can be very expensive. With the use of 3d printer astronomy fans get the opportunity to explore their hobby without spending their entire budget on it. Now the telescope can be assembled by your own hands as Alexei Cherenkov did.

When you are an owner of 3d printer you no longer have the problem of finding various small parts and mechanisms for household appliances . Now everything you need can be printed.

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