Dichloromethane (1 liter)

Dichloromethane (1 liter) The solvent of PLA, ABS, HIPS, SBS. Used for post-processing and gluing printouts.


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International name: Methylene chloride
Density (20 C, kg/dm3) 1,322 - 1,328
Thin, transparent and volatile liquid with a pungent sweet smell. Relatively low toxicity has led to their wide use.
Slow-burning, but under certain conditions, can form explosive mixtures with air. During a fire, smoke may contain the original material in addition to unidentified toxic and causing irritation of the joints.

You should not pour the dichloromethane into unias, a sink or other plumbing, it is not miscible with water and plastic-pipe your sewer can be at risk.

Storage conditions
In a dry, dark, cool place. Photosensitive, to light decomposes to release HCl.

Transportation dichloromethane can be virtually any kind of transport – road, rail, water. Transported in containers designed to store.

Precautionary measures
Dichloromethane belongs to the 4 hazard class (low hazard and safe substances) but, nevertheless, requires careful handling. As it is highly volatile, may cause poisoning and explosion, therefore at performance of works it is necessary to provide good ventilation, avoid contact with alkaline metals, and, if possible, do not use nitrile and latex gloves. Effects on the body: Dichloromethane can cause poisoning. In addition, prolonged contact with the skin, accumulate in fatty tissue, causing them to burn.

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